Health, Safety and Environment

Company Statement

Albright & Wilson ( Australia) Ltd has a long history in manufacturing and supplying chemicals and in protecting the environment and the health & safety of its employees, customers, neighbors and those affected by its operations or using its products. The Company’s business aim is sustainability, whilst providing the maximum economic benefit to its customers, and operating to the highest standards in health, safety, environment and quality. The company’s objective is to reduce its footprint on the environment to ensure resources we enjoy today are sustained for future generations. Key programs are product stewardship, responsible care, reduction of waste and energy consumption and the use of alternative technologies and supply chains . With over 75 years of operating in Australia the company has excellent HSE performance as fundamental to its culture and will continue to develop and improve continuously with its stakeholders. This HSE website is aimed to provide community awareness of its operations particularly with its manufacturing plants at Wetherill Park in NSW and Yarraville in Victoria.