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Albright & Wilson is the leading supplier of phosphates and surfactants for the household & personal care market. Phosphates and surfactants are two of the most important performance ingredients in many of the household & personal care products we use every day – products such as laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, disinfectants, floor cleaners hard-surface cleaners, lotions, liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners and more.

We offer our customers years of product application experience. Experience that is essential in selecting the ideal phosphate and surfactant for your brand so that you can manufacture products to suit your budget and quality requirements. .

As a leading phosphate and surfactant producer, manufacturers of household & personal care products depend on us to provide the performance qualities that characterize their branded products

Personal Care

Surfactants play a leading role in the personal care products we use every day to clean and condition our skin and hair. Grooming aids like liquid soaps, hair shampoos, toothpaste, shower gels and bath foams are all based on surfactants.

What you may not know is that almost every time you use water to wash, the cleanser you use has a surfactant base.

What could be more relaxing that pampering your skin with a soothing shower gel or rich, creamy body wash? Our Gardinol® range of natural surfactants makes these products work by producing rich lather and gently dissolving the grease and soil on your face and body without drying or damaging the skin. Liquid soaps and hand washes work the same way.

And where would your bath foam be without all those luxurious surfactant-produced bubbles?

In formulating your shampoo, cleaning the hair is just one requirement. We can help with products to modify viscosity, to improve mildness, and to change the foam characteristics.

As a leading surfactant producer, manufacturers of personal care products depend on us to provide the foaming and cleaning qualities that characterize their products. And we frequently custom-make products specifically to meet our clients’ needs.

Talk to our manufacturing professionals about how we can formulate your unique products.

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