Visitor Info

In the interests of maintaining a safe workplace, the company asks that visitors carefully read the Safety and Dress Code Regulations that are in place.

First time visitors will receive a short safety induction from their host tailored to the area of the site they are visiting. Please feel free to ask questions during this induction.

Wetherill Park

21-22 Davis Road, Wetherill Park NSW 2164


Upon arrival at reception, all visitors must sign in using the electronic visitor system and collect a Visitor’s Pass, which must be worn at all times. Upon departure, please return to reception to sign out.

Safety and Dress Code Regulations

Visitors will be issued with eye protection, safety helmet and safety shoes. Normal closed-in footwear may be worn but only people wearing safety shoes will be permitted to leave the roadways.

Visitors may only enter plant areas if accompanied by an authorised Albright & Wilson employee.

The dress code is trousers or slacks and long-sleeves. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Because the NSF plant is a designated Flammable Area, only equipment that is intrinsically safe may be taken into this area. This means all mobile phones and digital cameras must be left in the office.