SouthWest Connect Initiative

“Behind the Scenes” Partnership – Businesses working with students to achieve their full potential

This partnership will provide ‘at risk’ primary school students in Years 5 and 6 with inspiration and skills to help them make a successful transition into high school so they are motivated to stay and complete Year 12 or equivalent. Parents (or guardians) are also encouraged to take part in the program to support their child.

This will be achieved by a series of “Behind the Scenes” excursion to visit local businesses and see the types of careers which exist behind the front door. Students and parents will visit 3 to 4 businesses in one day.

Students and parents visited the Wetherill Park site in Sydney, NSW in October and November and had a tour of the premises as well as a presentation about the importance of learning maths, English, science, team work, communication etc in school that will help the students when they transition into the workplace.

The visits aim to offer these students an opportunity to listen to people speak about the work they do and the many opportunities in the world.

More importantly the goal is to enrich the learning experience of the students to allow them to see the importance of school (and completing Year 12) to prepare them for life and to encourage them to have discussions with their parents, guardian, siblings, and/or friends about their life aspirations.

Here is a “Thank you” letter from Canley Heights Public School to A&W for our involvement in this partnership.


Here, is our Certificate of Appreciation from SouthWest Connect.


Here, is our Community Service Award.

Below are some photographs taken during the Schools Visits to Albright and Wilson Wetherill Park in Sydney, NSW.