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Phosphates and surfactants play important and diverse industrial roles in such areas as metal finishing, mining and mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, crop care, water treatment, emulsion polymerisation and construction.

In general water supply, polyphosphates are commonly used for threshold treatment of scale, whilst sodium hexametaphosphate is preferred for boiler water treatment. Surfactants also play an important role in water treatment products where they are used for wetting, froth floatation and dispersion. They are also used as a bactericide in pool chemicals.

In the area of building and construction, the addition of a super-plasticiser (high range water reducer) enhances the quality and strength of cement and plaster by reducing the viscosity, and improving the flowability of the slurries. Less water in these applications equates to higher strengths.




Albright and Wilson manufacture a range of reagents that perform a variety of functions in mineral processing.

The range of applications include:

  • Depressants
  • Rheology modifiers for slurry pumping
  • Dispersants
  • Paste fill

Whatever your application, chances are we can help you find a solution.


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